Ovakil offers Trademark, Brand name or logo registration for business to secure there name and brand value.

Process is 100% online and tracking of work is possible at every step

trademark registration

From ₹ 5799 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: ₹518 for 12 months*

Online Trademark Registration Application

Trademark application for registration of any brand, logo, design, slogan etc can be done online without physical presence of applicant. If any person wants to protect there brand from misuse by other person then its better to apply for trademark registration, after application you can use 'TM' with your logo and after registration from department which may take up to one year you can use 'R' in circle which reflects that the trademark is registered and cannot be used by any other person.

In any case the registered trademark by you used by any other person then we can forward them notice and ask department for taking action on the unauthorized use of brand. It is to be notice that in case we apply for any brand name and any other party or department raise objection for use of the brand, then we can give responses on the applied trademark and we can also use that brand upto final decision of department.

Some reasons for Trademark Registration

Brand Protection

By application for trademark registration we can protect our trademark from misusing by any unauthorized person, every other person who wants to use your brand need to take prior approval.

Market Value

Trademark registration increase market value of any trademark, registered trademark is more valuable rather then registered brand names.

Intangible assest

Trademarks intangible asset for any business, with the time the value of this asset will increases with value of business and you can charge amount from other person who wants to use the same name.

Global acceptance

Registered trademark in India can be use as a base for registration in other countries, this is very impotent to understand that foreign person can register there trademark in India.


Registered trademark is proof that you are unique in market and no other person can use these trademark.

PAN card

Individual PAN card is required for registration. In case of company or partnership we need separate PAN card of entity

Adhaar Card

For registration we need Adhaar card of individual ( Some time Voter ID may work ) for address of individual.

MSME registration

MSME registration is required in case applicants are partnership or company.

trademark registration
Any individual can apply for trademark registration, in case of company or partnership the director/ partner can apply for trademark
We can register any logo, name, slogan, designs etc which are unique or not used by any other business entity.
Any annual maintenance charges are not applicable in trademark registration. However trademark is only for 10 year, so we need to apply for renew after 10 years.
Trademark classes are divided in 45 groups and every class needs one new application. Every application need new payment.


all inclusive fees

Trademark application for any one class for individual or small enterprises, tracking of trademark application for one year


all inclusive fees

Trademark application for any one class for company not old more then eleven months with one MSME registration tracking of trademark application for one year


all inclusive fees

Trademark application for any one class for company old more then eleven months with one MSME registration tracking of trademark application for one year

How Ovakil help with Trademark registration?

Ovakil helps you for application of trademark registration,it usually take 2-3 days for all process

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Trademark search report

We will generate TM report before application by which we can analyses the chance of getting registration of proposed trademark.

Documents preparation

For registration documents like MEME, Power of attorney are required, we prepare all application related documents.

Trademark Application

After all above working we apply for trademark, whole process will not take more then 2 working days.

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