Limited Company is best option for large scale business houses who wants to raise fund from public company, or in case where large number of investors are involve.


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Online Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Companies are those types of companies where minimum number of members is Seven and minimum number of Directors is Three and there is no cap on the maximum number of members. A public limited company has most of the characteristics of a private limited company. A public limited company has all the advantages of private limited company and the ability to have any number of members, ease in transfer of shareholding and more transparency. Identifying marks of a public limited company are name, number of members, shares, formation, management, directors and meetings, etc.,

Some reasons for Public Limited Company Registration

Separate Legal Entity

Company means separate entity from its director, company create with the process of law and end with the process of law.

There is one saying "Members may come, members may go, But the company runs forever", which means company members and director may change any time.

Easy to change Owners

In Public limited company it is very easy to change the owners of company, its only need share transfer from one owner to other holder.

Public Issue

Public company can do public issue of share capital for expansion of company, however there are some norms to be follow from SEBI and Companies Act

Market credibility

In India people use to take serious if you are doing business with the name of Private limited, the simple reason behind this is the Indian government take close check of every company.

Borrowing Capacity

There are many option for raising fund from market. It may be Equity share, preference share, debenture and Bank loan.

Bank and other NBFC easily provide loans to private companies rather then proprietorship or partnership.

PAN card

Individual PAN card of all directors and shareholders are required for registration. In company separate PAN card will applied by us at the time of Company registration.

Adhaar Card

For Company registration we need Adhaar card of all directors and shareholders.

Additional ID proof

One documents from the option is required (Voter ID/ Driving licence/ Passport)

Additional Address proof

One document from the option is required (Bank statement/ updated bank passbook/ Utility bill )

Company address proof

Any utility bill like electricity bill or water tax bill is required, in case property is rented in than rent agreement with owner is required.

For Public limited company registration we need at least 7 people as a shareholder for the company and 3 people as a director of company.
The director must be at least 18 year old sound mind natural person, apart from that no specific education qualification, gender or nationality is required for being director in public limited company.
Company can start with any amount, there is no minimum amount limit for company formation, however MCA will charge fees for at least 5 lakh share capital. We need to understand that we don't require any proof of investment at the time of company formation.
It will take 15-20 working days for complete procedure, in which public holidays and weekends will not consider as department not works on weekends.
Yes, NRI can become director in Indian company, however there must be one whole time Indian director is required.
Yes, NRIs / Foreign Nationals / Foreign Companies can hold shares of a Limited Company subject to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Guidelines.


all inclusive fees

Public limited company registration including 7 DSC, 7 DIN, 1 RUN Name Approval, 5 Lakhs Authorized Capital, PAN, TAN. Inclusive of government fees and taxes.


all inclusive fees

Public limited company registration including 7 DSC, 7 DIN, 1 RUN Name Approval, 5 Lakhs Authorized Capital, PAN, TAN. Inclusive of government fees and taxes. with GST registration and billing utility


all inclusive fees

Public limited company registration including 7 DSC, 7 DIN, 1 RUN Name Approval, 5 Lakhs Authorized Capital, PAN, TAN. Inclusive of government fees and taxes. With GST and Trademark registration. One year Billing utility.

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Company Incorporation certificate

We will provide company incorporation certificate after all process, this certificate is important for every company and required as a proof of company registration

Director DSC and DIN

Every director needs digital signature and director identification number (DIN) for company registration, we will provide all DSC and DIN


Permanent account number (PAN) and Tax allocation number (TAN) will be provide by us in this registration.

MOA and AOA creation

Memorandum of association (MOA) and Article of association (AOA) will prepared after understanding your business needs.

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