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Income TAX Returns

Introduction : Income tax returns are of various kinds its starts form form ITR-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 that is depend your status like proprietor, company, firm etc, and your income nature.

All we need :

You tell your income earn from various sources like salary, business income, interest income.

You tell you are your basic details like pan card, bank account no, your address etc.

You also need to tell us about how much money you deposit I your bankaccount during demonitisation.

Our executive will contact you and make your return accordingly

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What is income tax return filling?

Whenever earning of a person exceeds the basic exemption amount that is exceeding basic exemption slab currents above 250000/300000/500000 for normal/senior/ super senior citizen, every person is required to filled a compulsory return of income before the due date ( for non-audit 31 july, for audit assesee 30 September). Apart from this a person can voluntary filled the return.

When can we deposit the tax amount?

Every assesse has to deposit its tax amount before the filling the return of income either manually or online.


STEP-1: First step is you provide us all the documents which are necessary for knowingly your receipts and your earnings form various sources

STEP-2: We will filled prepare the income tax according to the information provided by you and send it on your email id for verification

STEP-3: Once you verified the return you send it to us again.

STEP-4: We will filled the return and send you the acknowledgment o your email address.

How much time required for return filling?

We will take around 2 days once you submit all the documents necessary for return filling.

FAQs on Private Limited Company

1. I need to be physically present during this process?

Itís a totally based on online process all you need to submit the document to us, and there is no need of physical appearance

2. How much time is needed for setting up a private limited company in India?

After submission of all documents, normally it takes 15 days to incorporate the company

3. What are the rules for picking a name for a private limited company?

There all following rules regarding name approval:

The name must not be identical with name of existing company.( like u can apply for name of your company TATA because its already in existence)

The name should not be offensive. ) its not hurt sentiment of any religious of person).

IT should not used any symbol, name of public office, governmentís department and offices.

Your brand name and company name can be different. (For example: PAYTM IS BRAND NAME OF COMPANY ONE97 COMMUNICATION.)

4. What documents are required to complete the process?

All the director must have photo proof and address proof along with the proof of registered premises.If the registered office is situated in one the director premises or other person premises the an NOC must be filled that he had no objection on company registered office situated at his place.

5. What is a DSC?

Because the company registration is totally online process so the document must be sign digitally, A DSC is a electronic signature of the person which can used to filled electronic document.

6. Does a private limited company have continuous existence?

A Private company has one of the feature is Perpetual succession; it should go continuously without being effected by its member existence.

7. How much does it cost to run a private limited company?

It totally depend on the person running the company, the mandatory cost of running is Audit of company and annual account filling normally it takes 10-15 k, but if you want accounting and other aspect the cost can be 30000 PA or depend upon the turnover of the company.

8. Is it necessary to have a company's books audited?

Yes as per company act every company accounts must be audited by Chartered Accountant by a member of Institute of chartered accountants of India and company should appoint within 30 days auditor of the company.

9. What are articles of association and memorandum of association?

These are the bye laws of the company it should contain rules and regulation of the company or we can say charter of the company, it simply define Mission, vision, rules relating to the company